Government Representation

State and Local Government Representation

In addition to Federal Executive and Congressional representation, Global USA® is an acknowledged expert in working closely in State and local governments, including State Legislatures and Executive branches in the Eastern and Western regions of the United States.  Our firm has formed and strengthened the relationships often born in the toughest of times.  For example, we have represented State and County governments in responding to some of the largest national and man-made disasters in our country’s history. Further, several of our clients have included large airport authorities that coordinate closely with the surrounding region to enhance economic development in a symbiotic relationship.

Global USA® provides strategic guidance and government relations services to these State and local governments in dealing with the Presidential Administration and the US Congress (with respect to Appropriation and Authorization of programs and projects).  Our bipartisan team brings years of unique high-level experience in representing State and local clients partly through some of our partners have been locally elected officials, including holding the Office of the Mayor and being Members of a County Commission.  We pride ourselves on the clients we have represented and issues we have dealt with. Among our successes are dealing with the most complex and serious issues such as hurricane relief for Miami-Dade; a major plane crash in the Everglades; convincing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to redraft flood maps for a New Mexico County; and airport infrastructure improvements for the Clinton National Airport and Miami International Airport. These accomplishments are based on the relationships that Global USA® has developed in the Federal government to assist our clients in a wide-range of issues, including, but not limited, to transportation, aviation, cyber security, economic development, emergency response, affordable housing and port infrastructure funding.

More broadly, Global’s involvement with our State and local government clients’ programs is “cradle-to-grave”, where we conceive a project jointly with our client; write proposals to seek Federal funding; convince the US Congress to Authorize and Appropriate the necessary monies; create Public, Private Partnerships when necessary; maintain Executive Branch and Congressional funding over several fiscal years; and suggest adjustments to the execution of the projects to meet the requirements of our clients as well as the Federal government.