Global USA®

Global USA® is an international business facilitator with a focus of minimizing government regulations on business operations and strategic plans. In addition, Global USA® has a proven track record of developing business opportunities in high technology industrial sectors that may involve governmental policies and regulations. We evolved over the past 30 years from only a lobbying firm based in Washington DC to an international business development company— but still offer bipartisan government relations services to our clients in the US and similar services in Japan, South Korea, China and several countries in the European Union. We regularly assist multinational corporations with complying with a broad range of complex Federal regulations. These include export and import regulations, governing transactions and the movement of goods, health care regulations governing Office of Inspector General (OIG) compliance as well as health care fraud and abuse laws (False Claims Act, Stark Laws, and Anti-kickback Statute, including associated penalties) and financial services regulatory and policy guidance and support in Washington.

We believe in creating value through preparation and the proper application of knowledge, experience, and teamwork. We work closely with our clients to clearly identify goals and objectives and then develop a comprehensive, results-oriented plan. Being a small company we focus on certain industrial sectors that include aviation, telecommunications, electronics, advanced manufacturing, IT, energy, and financial services.

Global USA® has a deep understanding of our clients' business and clients' goals. We are known for highly personalized service, and we are proud to say that we have been serving many of our clients for over 30 years with most of our clients based in East Asia, the United States and Europe. Over these 30 years we are fortunate to point to many successes in developing business opportunities for our clients and minimizing the influence of changing international trade policies and regulations on our clients’ business operations yet fully complying with all necessary regulations.