International Trade

Global USA® has specialized in international trade legislation and negotiations. The firm has a close working relationship with the trade policy committees in Congress and with senior trade officials in the Executive Branch, as well as we have the pleasure of strong contacts in Japan, China, South Korea, the EU and several countries in Eastern Europe.  Areas of industry expertise include semiconductors, aviation, machine tools, electronics, IT and renewable energy.  In addition, we have participated in dozens of international trade cases, including “anti-dumping”, Section 301, Section 232, Section 337, Section 332 and CFIUS.  In addition we have assisted in delisting of clients from US Government and other government’s undesirable company/persons lists (Entity List, SDN, etc.); in addition, we have led teams to guide clients through the complex World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute resolution rules.  Over the years, we have been called upon to assist clients in overcoming both tariff and non-tariff trade barriers both in the United States and international markets.  

Global’s partners have been actively involved in US/China policy and trade matters since 1979 and US/Japan trade matters since 1974.