Faye Miles

Vice President for Administration

Working with Global USA® for over fifteen years, Faye Miles currently serves as Vice President of Global, and for almost a decade has been a key component of Global's government relations team providing years of quality service and experience to Global and its long standing clients.

Ms. Miles has assisted several principals here at Global USA® with lobbying efforts and legislative experience for various clients on a broad range of domestic policy and international issues including financial services, education, automotive and airline industry, as well as Federal Transit Administration (FTA) matters.  Through this work, she has developed strong relationships and works actively with Senior Congressional Democrats, particularly with Congressional Black Caucus Members and staff, and with Democratic Members of both Houses of Congress.  These include Representatives and staff of key Democratic leadership including Nancy Pelosi, James Clyburn, Steny Hoyer, and Joseph Crowley.  A second strong core of her network consists of key Committee leadership, including, for example, Ranking Member of the Committee on Ways and Means, Richard Neal, the House and Senate Appropriations Committee Ranking Members, the House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committees Ranking Members, the House and Senate Financial Services Committees, and the Senate Banking and Urban Development Committee.

Ms. Miles has also worked with and developed legislative working groups and diverse coalitions on housing and insurance reform issues and has worked with clients in organizing delegations of Democratic leaders, Congressional staff and Member visits abroad for conferences, site visits, etc.  In addition to lobbying, Ms. Miles also assists the Chairman with employee administration and other general office operations.

Prior to lobbying, Ms. Miles served as administrative assistant to the President and provided support to the research department.  She also worked with the President on international export control seminars that included travel in Europe and Asia. A graduate of Trinity College in Washington, DC, she holds a degree in Communication.