Learn about Global USA®

Founded in 1983, Global USA® started as a government relations firm but has evolved to a business development and facilitator firm offering specialized expertise in solving governmental, regulatory and business problems in Washington and other capitals for both domestic and foreign clients to pursue international business.

We assist clients in understanding and addressing the complexities of US Government and other governments' regulations and legislation that can hamper or enhance the competitiveness and economic health of their businesses. The professional staff of Global USA® has years of significant experience at all levels of the US government, as well as in the governments of other countries. Global's executives have also served in senior positions in several large international companies, including IBM, AT&T, AIG, and the Industrial Bank of Japan.  

We offer specialized knowledge of international trade, science and technology, telecommunications, aviation, aerospace, energy and other high-technology industrial sectors. This allows Global USA® the unique ability to assist clients with making sales for clients in foreign markets related to several high-technology sectors. This expertise is strongest in the East Asian markets, US markets and selected countries of the European Union.

We handle a wide range of governmental and business matters for our clients and in every case, our strategies are carefully developed and individually tailored to meet the unique needs and special objectives of each client.

Three fundamental characteristics are responsible for the firm's effectiveness.  First, we are able to work with almost all political parties and to interact with public officials and politicians at all levels of government.  Second, each professional in the firm has extensive political and business experience.  Third, we are known for providing high quality and highly personalized service, having retained many of our clients for over 30 years.

All of the principals of the firm are fully involved in each effort on behalf of a client.  Should your company decide to retain Global USA®, our entire team will be working on your behalf.